7 thoughts on “Freedom from the Press”

  1. Don’t be silly, this has to be the dumbest thing I have ever seen. A media cannot ban something, they can refuse to display it if they believe it goes against their principle and the principle of the people. I read the very low class ad and if I had my own media house and it was shown to me, I would refuse to display it as well. The attack on the media is completely nonsensical and is filled with ulterior motives.

  2. What is the difference may we ask between banning an ad and opinion to be heard and “refusing to display it” as you say. What goes against the principle is the right of an individual or group to be heard. Once an ad or expressed opinion is not defamatory what other considerations of social commentary becomes necessary? And who determines the right of one group to be heard over another? May we add that the media refuses to even state why the ads are banned. Isn’t the agency and client entitled to at least the courtesy of a reason? It’s a good thing you don’t have the responsibility for yet another media house as you claim because yet another act of arrogance and denial of our rights to freedom of expression would be denied. Who really has the “ulterior motive” here? At least you were allowed you right to state your view whether we agree with it or not. We were not allowed this.

  3. I am in total agreement with your stance. The irony of this is that the same media houses on a daily basis is in Kub Lal bedroom giving the most distasteful video of his every move. Clearly their objective is to generate sympathy and emotive support. But it is clearly not working.
    The Guardian Faceless Editor gave his rebuttal on thursday 30th indicating his right to determine what is “tasteful” however had the most vulgar colour picture on the front page.
    on that day.

    Please get pictures of the editors, CEOs and Directors of these media houses and put them on your site under the caption. THOSE WHO DECIDES WHAT IS GOOD FOR US

  4. The T&T media is in my humble opinion nothing but posers who execute an underhanded brainwashing by succintly or overtly extolling their MASTERS motives. Media is big business and they know who they have to answer to at the end of the financial year.

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