One thought on “Banned by the Media?”

  1. For too long, I have observed that the Express, Tv 6 and the guardian have been opposed to the pp govt and it’s supporters. I am not sure how the citizens4dhigway fix into supporters of the pp govt, but they are from the south. I do not purchase these papers, but got a free guardian today, it’s been given away in central.

    While I support the highway and the ads, I have decided not to lend support to the NGOs who supported kubsstupid, including the faiths from the north. You would note who was named the successor to kubsstupid, an Anglican. It is becoming a dirty game and watch out for druggy men des, pnm writer in one of the Sunday papers. He and his spouse and Sunita are dangerous people. Watch out for supporters of some local chambers. They out for you. See the reaction of the white ? advertisers association.

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